Welcome! We’re guessing you found this page because you’re interested in becoming a professional tax preparer or opening a new office. Maybe your brand new to the tax business or you’re finally branching out on your own. Either way, let us be the first to welcome you to the business and get you off on the right foot. Below you will find a list with all of the information you need to get the process started.

We would love to help you with any of these steps. Please email INFO@TAXAIDUSA.COM if we can assist you during this process.

We’ve Got The Answers!

How do I generate new business? What do I need to do to be in compliance with the IRS? Where do I get this and where do I get that? How do I develop a marketing plan? How do I buy top notch software without paying through the nose for it? We can walk you through everything needed to begin your new journey to financial freedom.

The Tools You Need To Grow Your Business

You have more than likely seen a 10-15% drop in business in the last 3 years. Why? We can hypothesize all year or we can help you implement proven tax business growth strategies. We would appreciate the opportunity to explore your current strategies, tactics and partner relationships in order to help you develop a winning formula to get that volume back!

Fund Your Clients Returns Quickly & Reliably

Offer you tax clients refund program options that allow them to receive their federal and/or state refund proceeds quickly and securely by: a check printed in your office, prepaid card, or ACH direct deposit. Our full-service program gives you all the features, benefits, and revenue opportunities typically enjoyed only by the national chains.

What We Offer

  • Mobility – Complete mobility with the most stable Cloud-based software available
  • Consulting – Our Company/Employees have been in the tax prep business over 50 years
  • Branding – We place Your Brand on your software and place Your Brand on a tax-payer mobile app
  • Ease of Use – Set up new preparers and offices with the click of a button
  • Bilingual – Spanish-speaking Software Specialists and Spanish forms
  • Management – Run your offices with cutting edge easy to use reporting and dashboards
  • Cost Savings – Multi-office and volume discounts. Paperless offices!

Tax Related Bank Products

Tax-related bank products can be a great resource for both your clients and your business. Bank products can help your clients get their refunds as fast as possible. Best of all, these bank products are completely integrated within the TaxAidUsa software.

Tax-related bank products include electronic refund checks, electronic refund deposits, and prepaid/debit cards. When using a bank product, your clients can choose to pay for your preparation fees out of their return. Instead of waiting for payment to file, you can go ahead file the return and elect to collect your preparation fees with a tax-related bank product – easier for you and your clients.

TaxAid USA Pro is affiliated with the following tax product banks:


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